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Due to the new norm that has been adhered by Lauk team, we would like to inform you that our Standard Operating Procedure has been changed to oblige with the government’s order to ensure the safety of all our clients and guests.

General Measures

  1. Use separate doors for entry and exit, if practicable to avoid contact between guests

  2. All guests are required to provide name and contact number for contact tracing.

  3. All guests are required to be scanned for body temperature.

  4. Hand sanitizer will be provided to all guests to apply before and after the event.

  5. We have the right to refuse service to anyone with high temperature or displaying symptoms such as fever or coughing.

  6. Create floor markings to provide guide distances between guest queuing at the buffet line.

  7. Foods will be served by our helper at the buffet table to limit touched surfaces.

  8. The social distance between table edges to adjacent tables with a minimum of 1.5m between guests seated at different tables and 1m between guests seated at the same table.

  9. No condiments will be left at the tables including salt and pepper.

Staff Practices

  1. Limit physical interaction between workers, workers and clients and other people at the event.

  2. Where it is practical and safe to do so, review tasks and processes that usually require close interaction and identify ways to modify these to increase physical distancing between workers.

  3. Gloves and alcohol-based hand sanitizers should be made available conveniently at all times.

  4. All staff are required to wear a face mask and gloves at all times.

  5. Frequently touched surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected regularly using appropriate disinfectant solutions.

  6. All equipment should be cleaned and disinfected regularly using appropriate disinfectant solutions.

  7. Staff are encouraged to reduce the number of touching points for workers and guests. For example, leaving the chafing dish lid open where appropriate.

  8. Staff should provide closed bins for workers and guests to hygienically dispose of waste such as used face mask, serviettes after use.

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